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UPDATE: You've been asking for it, and now we can finally make them available - full-resolution, print-quality Acrostic puzzles can now be downloaded in PDF format and printed directly via your home printer. If you like to solve while you commute or any time you're away from a computer, now you can! Visit our sister-site, Printable Puzzles to download two new acrostic puzzles every day.

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What is an Acrostic puzzle?

An acrostic puzzle consists of two parts: (1) a hidden quote, laid out in crossword puzzle format, with each letter assigned a number and (2) a series of clues, with each letter in every clue's answer corresponding to a specific letter in the hidden quote. As each clue is answered, more and more letters are completed in the hidden quote, until eventually all clues are answered and the entire quote is revealed.

Acrostic puzzles (or acrostics for short) are similar to crossword puzzles, but in some ways quite a bit more challenging. Acrostic clues are often a bit more vague, playful or just downright obscure than clues one might find in an average crossword puzzle. The ability to solve an acrostic successfully requires the player to have a wide-ranging knowledge and familiarity with numerous fields, including art, history, science, literature, geography and current events.

Solve an Acrostic Puzzle »

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